Timeout Toy Box

Your interactive parenting and motivational tool.

The Timeout Toy Box helps promote consistent behavior, teach self-discipline and provide positive reinforcement.

How it works.

If children make poor choices, place toys or personal devices in “Timeout” then select tasks to be completed with the pre-printed tokens or create your own using the blank tokens.

Slide the tokens into the colored “Timeout Tag” and hang them from the pegs on the box. Assign each child their own color or have one color for the whole family.

To encourage good behavior or earn rewards, select tasks or create goals using the blank tokens and slide them into the “Bonus Tags”.

Once a task is finished, flip the token to show the bright green checkmark. As tasks or goals are completed, unlock the Timeout Toy Box and the kids regain their items, or earn their bonus rewards.

Taking “Time Out” of our busy schedules for friends and family is key.

Designate a day and time for game night, movie night, or just to spend quality time together without life’s distractions.  

In the classroom.

Teachers can also use the toy box as a positive reinforcement tool with their classroom management plans. Rewards can be stored in the toy box and students can earn them by following classroom expectations.



Included with the Time Out Toy Box are:

12 Hang Tags consisting of: 
• 6 "Timeout" Tags In three colors 
• 6 "Bonus" Tags In three colors

18 Tokens consisting of: 
• 12 Pre-printed Task Tokens 
• 6 create-your-own blank tokens

Two colorful decorative keys

Permanent marker

The Timeout Toy box is made with sturdy materials in bright, attractive colors. The clear sides allow children to see what items are inside. The pegs allow you to hang up to 12 "Bonus" or 'Timeout" tags. The built-in drawer conveniently holds your task tokens and tags inside.