Timeout Toy Box Complete Kit

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Being a parent will always be a challenge. With the constant presence of electronic and social media, however, today's parents are often navigating an unfamiliar landscape as they seek the best for their children. Time-proven characteristics of discipline, hard work, and achievement are overshadowed by instant gratification and perpetual distraction. The challenges of this landscape require creative solutions. The Timeout Toy Box offers such a solution to some of these challenges.


Each Timeout Toy Box Kit includes:

One Timeout Toy Box

12 Hang Tags consisting of:
• 6 "Timeout" Tags In three colors
• 6 "Bonus" Tags In three colors

18 Tokens consisting of:
• 12 Pre-printed Task Tokens
• 6 create-your-own blank tokens

Storage drawer: large enough to hold all Hang Tags and Task Tokens

Two colorful decorative keys

Dry Erase marker

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